oneworld extends its unique 'Visit Passes' to Africa, Australasia and Americas

06 March 2001

oneworld™ has made visiting Africa, Australia and New Zealand, North America and South America easier and better value than ever with the launch of oneworld Visit Passes.

The introduction of these four new tickets - the first of their kind from any global airline alliance - follows the highly successful introduction of the oneworld Visit Europe Pass last summer. They offer visitors from other continents multiple flights across the networks of the alliance's members in each of the continental regions - with the potential for huge savings.

Travellers buy a Visit Pass in conjunction with a longhaul flight to the relevant continent. The Visit Pass can be tailored around their specific travel, covering just two or three flights - or more as needed to explore the sights that the continent has to offer (up to a maximum of ten sectors in Australia/New Zealand).

Prices - which are quoted in US dollars (except for the Australia/New Zealand pass which is quoted in Australian or New Zealand dollars), converted to the currency of the country where the ticket is bought - depend on the number of flights required and the length of each flight.

oneworld Visit Africa: Offers flights covering nine destinations in four countries served by British Airways and its franchise partners Comair and Zambian Air Services. Prices for each sector flown across this network range from US$62 to US$160, depending on sector length.
Example itinerary: Durban-Johannesburg (US$62); Johannesburg-Cape Town (US$100); Cape Town-Johannesburg (US$100); Johannesburg-Victoria Falls (US$125); Victoria Falls-Johannesburg (US$125); Johannesburg-Harare (US$100). This gives a total of US$612 for this six sector journey - a saving of some 35 per cent (US$334) against the regular best buy schedule fare of US$946.

oneworld Visit Australia/New Zealand: Offers flights covering 46 destinations in the two countries, served by Qantas and its affiliate Qantas New Zealand. Prices for each flight range from A$230/NZ290 to A$295/NZ$370 a sector. Sample itinerary: Perth-Alice Springs, (A$295); Alice Springs-Cairns (A$295); Cairns-Melbourne (A$230); Melbourne-Christchurch (A$295); Christchurch-Auckland (A$230); Auckland-Sydney (A$295). This gives a total for this six sector journey of A$1,640, a saving of 20 per cent (A$410) against the regular best buy fare of A$2,050.

oneworld Visit North America: Offers flights serving 200 destinations in 24 countries across the continent and throughout the islands of the Caribbean. Flights are mainly on American Airlines with some by Cathay Pacific and Iberia. Prices for each sector range from US$70 to US$220. Sample itinerary: New York-Boston (US$70); Boston-Toronto (US$100); Toronto-Miami (US$160); Miami-San Francisco (US$220); San Francisco-New York (US$220), giving a total of US$770 for these five flights.

oneworld Visit South America: Offers flights serving 28 destinations in ten countries, with most services by LanChile but some on American Airlines, with fares for each sector ranging from US$80 to US$270 depending on sector length. Sample itinerary: Santiago-Calama (US$140); Calama-Antofagasta (US$80); Antofagasta-Santiago (US$140); Santiago-Montevideo (US$140); Montevideo-Sao Paulo (US$170); Sao Paulo-Santiago (US$235). This gives a total of US$905 for this six sector journey, a saving of 30 per cent (US$397) against a regular best buy fare of US$1,302.

oneworld Visit Europe: Highly popular since its launch in August 2000. It offers flights covering 170 destinations in 40 countries across Europe and North Africa, served by Aer Lingus, British Airways and its affiliate airlines including Deutsche BA, and other oneworld members Finnair, Iberia Cathay Pacific and LanChile. Prices for each sector range from just US$60 to US$190. A typical itinerary might be: Dublin-Glasgow (US$60); Glasgow-London (US$80); London-Vienna (US$120); Vienna-Madrid (US$140); Madrid-Helsinki (US$190), making a total for this five sector itinerary of US$590, a saving of more than 75 per cent against the regular best buy fare of US$2,616.

Maunu von Lueders, oneworld's Vice-President Sales, said: "We are setting the pace again among the global alliances with these innovative and highly attractive fares, providing customers with the unbeatable value, flexibility and choice they are coming to expect from oneworld."