Key facts and figures about oneworld

21 September 1998

1 The airline members of oneworld™, with their franchise and partner airlines covered by today's agreement, have networks that serve 648 destinations in 139 countries.

2 They carried a total of 181 million passengers last year - equivalent of one in 32 of the world's population. Every second, five passengers check in for a flight by an airline member of oneworld.

3 They also flew 2,6 million tonnes of cargo last year - equivalent to loading 180 lbs every second.

4 The members of oneworld operate a total of 1 577 aircraft.

5 They fly a total of nearly six million miles a day - equivalent to 240 times around the world's circumference every day.

6 A flight by a member of oneworld takes off somewhere around the world every 14 seconds.

7 The members of oneworld employ among them 228 859 people, including 49 730 cabin crew and 41 500 ground-based customer service people. Ensuring industry leading standards are 19 630 pilots and 37 300 maintenance engineers.

8 The airline members of oneworld serve 428 250 meals a day - the equivalent of feeding a family of five for a lifetime.

9 The members of oneworld load more than 769 000 items of baggage a day.

10 An estimated 255 man years will be spent by the employees of the six airlines on oneworld training and communication before oneworld takes off.